Art. 2015
Novolence shower head

Art. 1510
Turbulenz shower head

'Wa' Novolence/Turbulenz Shower head
...the classic water-saving shower head

The Turbulenz shower head has become a classic as Europe's most widely-sold water saving shower head.

A great part of its success is due to its solid and proven technique, its high-grade material and its distinctive design.

The Turbulenz shower head can save up to 50% water and energy.

Art. 1540
Profilence shower head
Profilence shower
...Novolence-technique for wall-mounting

The Profilence shower is a water and energy-saving alternative for wall-mounting. It is practically maintenance-free due to the implementation of the Novolence technique.

'Wa' LONG LIFE Aerator
...the economical comfort jet regulator from Germany

The Long-Life aerator saves 50-75% more water and energy compared to regular aerators and produces a pleasantly soft and splash-free stream.

Art. 2210
LONG-LIFE aerator
Art. 2410
ext. thread M24x1
LONG-LIFE aerator
Art. 2211
LONG-LIFE aerator
Art. 2411
LONG-LIFE aerator

Water and energy-saving

The Quick-Stop valve saves approx. 35% water and energy due to a reduced water flow cross-section.

In addition, an unlimited water-saving rate can be obtained through long-term drip prevention and through the quick-closing technique.

The valve closes completely with just a half turn.



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